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 Colleges-College of Power and Energy Engineering
The College of Power and Energy Engineering is a second level college of Shenyang Aerospace University, it was established in December 2003, it currently has 4 undergraduate programs(specializations) in Aircraft Power Engineering, Aircraft Power Engineering(Aircraft Engine Maintenance), Thermo-Power and Power Engineering and Environment Engineering. Aircraft Power Engineering (formerly Aircraft Engine) was established in 1952, presently it's been built jointly by the National Defense and Science Bureau and Liaoning Province, it is a national featured specialty and Liaoning Province provincial featured program recruiting first grade students in Liaoning. The Thermo-Power and Power Engineering Specialty was established in 1985, and is characterized by mechanical design, research, manufacturing, operation and management in the field of internal combustion, thermodynamics and others.
Environment Engineering started admission of students in 2000 and is prominent in the field of solid waste processing and management, clean energy development and usage and others. The college has first level master's degree programs in the field of Aerospace Science and Technology and engineering master's programs in Aeronautical Engineering.  Since 1982, the college of Power and Energy Engineering has trained over 2000 high level engineers and technicians for the Aerospace Industries, Military, Liaoning Province and other economic establishments.
The college currently has 46 teaching and administrative staffs, of which 8 are professors, 9 are associate professors, 2 are senior engineers, 1 is a double college specialist, 1 is an external national level specialist, and 2 are European experts. The college has 2 provincial level key laboratories and a national level key "Aeronautical Engineering" laboratory. The college has 11 Laboratories which include engine structure lab, synthesis fuel pulverization laser test lab and others; it also has training centers, and computer and reference rooms. The laboratory teaching and the scientific research instrumentation equipments  value is in excess of 18 million Yuan.   
Main scholarly research directions of current development are combustion design and analysis, aircraft engine strength, vibration and noise, aerothermodynamics and applications, aircraft engine experiment and the test technology, engine numerical simulation, new concept aviation energy, solid waste processing and handling, renewable energy source and others. In recent 5 years the collage has undertaken 973 national projects, National Natural Sciences Fund, Aeronautical Fundamental Science Fund, Liaoning Province Natural Science Fund and 60 other related projects, amounting to over 16 million Yuan. The college follows personnel training rules, pays great attention to engineering project ability training, raises students' morality, intelligence, overall development, solid specialty knowledge and train students to have strong engineering project ability and innovative ideology, high overall quality, and form very good influence in the society. For many years, students' admission and employment status has been good, in recent three years, graduates 'employment rate was above 95%.
The teaching and administrative staffs of the College of Power and Energy Engineering are virtuous, capable, brave and persevering and have made good progress in many college projects, in 2009 it was rated a Liaoning Province educational system advanced group.
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