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 Colleges-College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering comprises of the following: Mechanical design, Manufacturing and Automation Research Centre, Research Centre of Engineering Graphics, Vehicle Engineering Department, Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Mechanics, Department of Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering laboratory, Digital Manufacturing and Testing Techniques Key lab, among which the teaching and research center of engineering graphics technology are the basis for the commencement of the teaching units. Mechanical engineering was established in 1952, which is one of the first professional Schools for training a large number of National Aviation Industry professionals and technical personnel, which made great contributions to the development of National defense engineering. The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has four professional majors which are mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, industrial engineering, vehicle engineering, machinery and electronics engineering. There are 2308 undergraduates and 129 graduate students in total (including the Master of Engineering). During these last 3 years, the undergraduate employment rate of school of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering maintained above 90%.                                                                        

The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has strong teaching ability and featured disciplines. After decades of construction and development, the college has developed itself into a school with two master's degrees of machinery manufacturing and automation, mechanical design and theory (key supporting discipline of Liaoning Province), master of mechanical engineering and two levels of undergraduate degrees.

The College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering has a teaching team of reasonable structure, active in academic thinking and good overall quality. They comprise a total staff of 72, among which there are 54 teachers, 10 experimental teaching staff, 11 professors, 24 associate professors with 19 of them having doctorate degrees (accounting for 26.4% of the total faculty), 30 of them has master degree (accounting for 41.6% of the total faculty). 31 of the staff take part-time job in Academic organizations and institutions in the Country, 5 currently hold the position of directors and vice directors and 9 executive directors. In machine and automation and also mechanical design and theory, many of them have academic achievements. Most disciplines and academic leaders are at the age between 35 and 50 years old.

Electrical Engineering faculty was committed to teaching reform and research in recent years. They assumed 11 reform projects in three years, obtained 2 second prizes, 5 third prize awards for Liaoning Province Education, two as first prize awards for University teaching achievement, 6 other prizes, 29 research papers and also published 10 textbooks.

The main objective of the school is “teaching promotes research, research promote teaching” the coordinated development of teaching and research. In the past three years, a total of 60 research projects were undertaken and completed. The funding for the projects was a total amount of about 1.5billion which comprised of: 3 National Natural Science Foundation program, 2 863-programs, 6 defense advance research programs, 19 provincial nature Science Foundation, five awards at all levels, published 245 scientific papers, including 16Sci, 47Ei and published 7 monographs. The scientific research output value is worth above 6billion.
The Key Laboratory of Experimental Center has a number of advanced equipments, including vertical machining center, precision EDM Machine, YAG laser processing machines, precision EDM, rapid prototyping machines and 10 sets high-level equipments. With 200 million in funds for Undergraduate teaching development, professional laboratories, specialty laboratories, 20 new teaching experimental laboratories, 14 experimental teaching projects and three experimental research projects were built; it meets the needs of undergraduate teaching practice, forming a relatively concentrated practical teaching base.

The building of undergraduate teaching laboratories improves the learning environment and experimental conditions. The existing experimental area is about 4509 square meters, after decades of unremitting efforts and struggle, the school now has an advantage in personnel training and subject construction. The school also trained a large number of dedicated professionals with innovation as senior personnel, which received the community's affirmation. In the academic building field, it forms the application of pre-research and engineering applications and industrial development of the organic combination of R & D system; according to China's national defense construction, it makes remarkable achievements in the defense pre-research, large-scale non-standard equipment development and solves a number of key technical problems in the military production. At the same time strengthening the fundamental theories and process methods, the school focuses on training new subjects in academic research, forming the direction of the aviation manufacturing technology.

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