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  Catégories d’admission-Aeronautical Engineering
BSc in Aeronautical Engineering (Specialization: Aircraft Manufacturing)

• Freshman Year (First Semester)
• Advanced Mathematics I
• Introduction to Computing
• Engineering Drawing I
• Conversational Chinese I
• Chinese Intensive Reading I
• Chinese Culture and History
• Enrolment Education
• Sports I
• Freshman Year (Second Semester)
• Advanced Mathematics II
• Programming in C
• Engineering Drawing II
• Machining Techniques Lab
• Chinese Intensive Reading II
• Conversational Chinese II
• Introduction to Aerospace
• Fundamental of Law
• Sports II
• Sophomore Year (First Semester)
• General Chemistry
• Physics I
• Physics Lab I
• Linear Algebra
• Probability and Statistic
• Theoretical Mechanics
• CNC Machining Lab
• Chinese Intensive Reading III
• Sports III
• Sophomore Year (Second Semester)
• Physics II
• Physics Lab II
• Mechanics of Materials
• Engineering Materials
• Circuits and Electronics I
• Circuits and Electronics Lab I
• Programming Design Lab
• Computer Aided Design and Drafting (AutoCAD)
• Chinese Intensive Reading IV
• Sports IV
• Junior Year (First Semester)
• Mechanism Analysis and Design
• Mechanism Analysis and Design Lab
• Circuits and Electronics II
• Circuits and Electronics Lab II
• Digital Electronics Lab
• Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
• Plasticity
• Chinese Intensive Reading V
• Junior Year (Second Semester)
• Machinery Design
• Machinery Design Lab
• Introduction to Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering
• Aerodynamics and Flight Theory
• Chinese for Science and Technology (Aviation Chinese)
• Specialty Courses
• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Aircraft Structures
• Aircraft Maintenance and Quality Management
• Senior Year
• Aircraft Assembly
• Aircraft CAD/CAM
• Aircraft Design
• CAD/CAM Systems (CATIA)
• Chinese Intensive Reading VII
• Aircraft Manufacturing & Design Lab (AE Lab)
• Aircraft CAD/CAM Lab
• Aircraft Assembly Lab
• Production Practice/Internship
• Graduation Thesis/ Project

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